You want to engage influencers to scale your brand but you've got legal concerns.

So, you have a great product or service and have concluded that working with influencers is a great way to scale the brand and engage new audiences. Do you have a good social media policy, solid influencer agreements and clear understanding of the FTC Social Media Endorsement Guidelines? If not, you’re in the right place!

Let me show you how to do this the right way.


Hey, I'm Bobby, The Influencer Attorney.

bobby robinson influencer attorney

I help creative brands scale their business by reducing the risk and maximizing the return of collaboration with influencers through solid legal safeguards.

I get why influencer marketing is attractive. Great ROI - opposed to traditional advertising. But, there’s no ROI worth adversely impacting the brand because of a lack of solid contracts, intellectual property (IP) standards or training on FTC Social Media Endorsement Guidelines. Brands no longer have to choose great ROI over legal compliance, when they can engage The Influencer Attorney.  

As an experienced business and social media attorney, I’ve helped creative brands develop the right infrastructure to help scale, while reducing its risk of FTC penalties and/or fines. Whether it's drafting an internal social media policy, assembling contract templates for influencer agreements, cease and desist letters, and more, or conducting FTC Social Media Endorsement Guidelines training or audits, I’m here to zealously advocate and protect the brand - so that you can focus on being creative and dynamic, while achieving your sales goals. 

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Here's how I can help you scale your brand while protecting your brand assets.


Trademark and Copyright. The creation of content as part of these campaigns raises a ton of intellectual property issues - from who owns the brand assets, how are they to be used, etc. And, you’ll need an experienced IP lawyer to work through those matters as they arise - whether contractually or when dealing with potential infringement issues of your brand assets.


FTC Social Media Endorsement Compliance. The last thing you need is to be on the radar of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (also known as the “ad police”) for violating the Social Media Endorsement Guidelines so let us help you and your team, as well as the influencers that you engage understand the rules so that the brand can scale without fear of concern of potential FTC violations.


Contract Review and Negotiation. You may or may not have the right contract templates to engage desired influencers to support your campaigns. I can help you put those agreements in place and make sure the brand is protected. These templates can be plug and play and, where necessary, I’m happy to negotiate those directly with the influencer or agencies.


Outside General Counsel Representation. You may need fractional or consistent legal support as your influencer and affiliate marketing programs expand and your internal teams are at capacity. I have a flat-fee program that will allow me to serve as your Legal Partner to handle any overflow or other matters that warrant the involvement of an experienced business and social media legal advocate. So, if a legal issue comes up, you have me to call and we’ll get to work on your behalf.


Let’s get moving.

Whether you’re interested in legal services, booking me to speak, or anything else, please fill out the contact form and I’ll respond shortly.